AviNet Airport

AviNet Airport provides a reliable, high-performance network service for airlines and airport operators to access mission-critical departure control systems.

The AviNet Airport service is available in over 60 airports around the world and employed by the majority of airlines using passenger processing systems such as ARINC’s vMUSE and CUSS platforms.

Each customer shares the cost of the AviNet Airport infrastructure and service eliminating the need for customer specific network connections. Cost-effective and modern IP access technology is employed within the ARINC service globally.

Passenger Processing

Streamlined Passenger Check In System | World Class Baggage Handling System Supplier for vMUSE AirportsAviNet Airport currently provides end-to-end IP network communications for over 70 airlines around the world. ARINC’s AviNet Airport service allows airlines and operators at airports to reach and undertake passenger processing using Departure Control Systems, regardless of geographic location.

Airline Airport Operations

Streamline the Passenger Check In System with vMUSE Airport Systems Integration | Rockwell Collins' ARINC, Leading Baggage Handling System SupplierAviNet Airport provides wide-area-network services for customers at airports employing the ARINC vMUSE platform. The AviNet Airport network services provided include access to a variety of remote application servers for departure control, baggage handling, check-in kiosk, aircraft load-balance, as well as “Back-Office” applications.

Geographic Deployment

AviNet Airport by Rockwell Collins |  Supporting vMUSE Technology with Airport Systems Integration | Streamline the Passenger Check In SystemThe AviNet Airport departure control system is deployed in all airports where the ARINC vMUSE platform and ARINC CUSS kiosks are operational. The AviNet Airport deployment scope is continually expanding and includes strategic airports in the European, Middle East, Asian Pacific and American regions.

Contact ARINC AviNet for Airport Systems Integration | vMUSE Technology to Enhance Passenger Check In System

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